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Support Families in Africa with medical bills: we work with pharmacies and health care providers in Sierra Leone to be able to provide quality health care for relatives in Sierra leone. We have contracts with the best medical service providers in Sierra Leone (People’s Pharmacy, ),
We contact the relatives In Sierra leone and arrange medical visits at their premises and administer treatment and the necessary test, provide rescriptions drugs as well. We do monthly routine checkups. 
Call us to  iscuss the relatives ( patients) situation or Fill ouronline form with details of the patient, and pay a fee of GBP65 so we can proceed with the visit.


We can supply essential items for families all over Sierra Leone. with 10 pick up locations location in Sierra Leone. If You can send top up to family members in Sierra Leone, we do more than this. we deliver basic food items and appliances. We help you show how much you care about your family back home. Once your order has been placed, we may contact you to verify your purchase. We will also contact the recipient to arrange delivery of their items. With our monthly shipment to Freetown you can get Uk food stuff for your family back home. You can send us your Shopping list and a Contact Person in Sierra Leone and we arrange everything for you.


services, Shop for Building Materials:
We partner with the Best Construction and Building Material Trading companies to manage construction projects, by allowing payments to be done in the Uk construction or repair of a home projects can be done in Sierra Leone. We can supply building materials, provide construction services and also project monitoring. We change a project management fee as an option. 2, we do full project management and building material purchase as one project.


We help Sierra Leoneans living overseas renew their passports from any location in the world and delivered with in 12 days. We're the #1 most trusted Sierra Leone Passport Service. We save you time and a trip to the passport office.

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